Most of us strive to be happy, go-lucky, energetic folks that enjoy what life has to offer. Stuff happens, life changes. Resilience kicks in and off we go again.

But every once in a while things wear us down. It is death by a million cuts. I think that’s how the quote goes.

One big influence on how a person copes and thrives in life is their resilience, the ability to recover quickly from difficulty.

How does resilience relate to real estate?

In terms of real estate, I’ve encountered two types of resilience. One is the market and how it adjusts but that’s not the topic here.

I’m talking about how your house, your home, either works for you and is set up to help you enjoy your day to day or annoys you and wears you down with the daily challenges. A home that doesn’t work can wear down a person’s overall resilience.

How can challenges with your home affect your resilience?

Not going out to an event because it is too hard to get home.

Your home is located in the wrong location or area of the city for you and your family. The extra travel, school accommodations and daily grind can wear away at your nerves. Job changes, school plans, bus routes. They are all things out of our control.

The layout that doesn’t work for a growing family and the frantic run to those crazy, annoying two steps your little one is determined to be at whenever you turn your back.

Sounds you can’t shut off.

The small entry where 3 of you plus 2 dogs are trying to get in.

Taking the time to figure out what you really need is one of the best steps in searching for a new house. Tell me what you want and tell me what is not working.

Let’s solve the problem

I love clients that can tell me want they want or need in a house or give me details such as it has to be within 10 min of a bus stop or within a school area or far away from these things. Tell me you want walking distance to both a middle school and elementary. Tell me you have to have a walkout with either stairs down from the upper deck or room for stairs. Tell me you hate bonus rooms or love bonus rooms.

With details come realistic conversations about what the market allows within a budget and what is absolutely possible. I have clients that will only purchase a home with a specific lot orientation. That’s awesome. I will narrow down the list, show you just the ones that make sense and make the best use of your time to find your new house.

With some clients we have previewed condo survey plans to decide where in the building they want to live. We watch, wait, map it out and pounce. Yes, we got that top floor penthouse within 6 hours on market before others noticed it was on market and got the offer accepted a couple hours before the next one came in. And they didn’t know we were waiting so we got a good price. Yup.

Resilience. Life and the daily grind can be hard. Your home ideally is a place where you recharge and wake up feeling stronger than the night before.