Some great odds if talking any investment.

Why then would a homeowner not spend $500 or $700 or more or less in preparing a home for sale when there are strong indicators that such improvements would add value to the final sale price?

It depends on the market and what is expected in any given area, but understanding how other homes are presented and how you compare is an important starting spot when considering the sale of your home.

If your home presents above the area standard, then you’re in a great position. If it is well below, then consider the differences, cost and potential sale price. If you are average, but a declutter and a paint job away from being a standout, then make the investment and you’ll see benefit for your hard work.

Staging and preparing a home for sale will add thousands to a final sale price. This type of staging isn’t a construction project or a remodel. It is making the most of what currently exists with some cosmetic enhancements, furniture placement, lighting and decoration. The difference between a blue cluttered living room and one with neutral beige walls, edited furniture and accessories can be amazing.

1. Decluttering – free in most cases or the cost of a storage locker.
2. Paint – $200 and up if you are willing to do some of the work, more if professionals are hired.

If you aren’t convinced, I invite you to do the following exercise. Choose a large apartment complex that is at least a few years old in your area and look up the listings. Most apartments will be similar as all were built around the same time. It is best when there are at least a few at a time. Some units will have been updated, while others more standard and others potentially occupied by tenants.

Which one would you pick to view and why? If you gravitated towards those where the photos are bright, clean, neutral and well presented, you are among the large majority. These units are most likely very similar, but the well presented units sell for thousands more.

Buyers first shop for homes online and presentation is key.

Need ideas for colors? Benjamin Moore has some great resources and preselected colors.

Not sure where to start? Give me a call at 403 850 2446. I’m happy to help.