Every once in a while I have a chat with folks looking for help with real estate that don’t really understand what it looks like to work with a Realtor.

They don’t know what to expect. Good question. So before I answer, I have to say this article is about me. Other Realtors work differently so I can’t speak for them.

In terms of selling a property this is rarely misunderstood. Realtors work with homeowners to present, market, list and sell their homes to qualified buyers that can complete on their purchase. There’s lots that goes on in the middle, but it is my role to get all the middle taken care of so you can focus on moving and packing or finding your new home.

In terms of purchasing a home, there is more ambiguity. Some folks go out on their own and find their own home and work with the listing agent to purchase. This works well for some, but not a method I feel is in the buyer’s best interest.

The other option is to interview and seek out a Realtor when you are buying much like if you were selling your home. There is most often no additional cost to a buyer in this case unless we are purchasing a private listing.

So when I work with folks wishing to buy a new property a large part of my role is education. In looking at potential options, I listen to your needs and questions and put information in your hands. I work with you to ensure you see the properties on market that would be potential options.

We talk about the things that matter to you such as proximity to infrastructure, zoning, transportation, being close (but maybe not too close) to family, schools, work.

We talk about timing, whether your dining room set will fit, the cost of new flooring and all of the other things you need.

We are working together to find your home. You share your personal information with me and that becomes nobody else’s business. My role is supporting you in figuring out what you need and wish to afford and then finding that home, being successful in securing a purchase and completing on Possession Day. As in selling, a lot happens in between, and my role is to ensure the pieces come together.

I also assist with the uniqueness of each purchase. Educating you about how condos work; what an RPR is; managing inspection issues, foreclosures or issues on title; estate sales and many other challenges that come up during a purchase.

I bought and sold numerous properties before becoming a Realtor. I had great experiences and poor ones in various cities and I do try very hard to emulate one Realtor in particular that had worked with my family for many years in BC. Her name is Teri Steele. She is truthful, educated and we always felt she cared about our family.

She helped us fight through multiple offers on one purchase, work through inspection issues on another, knew when to be tough and when to be gentle. She knew what she knew, told you when she didn’t know something and then found answers for us. She answered her phone, was there when we needed her and made our plans come together.

If I could be that support for you, then that’s what this is all about.

P.S. To those great folks that have allowed me to assist them, Thank you! And thank you for passing my name on to others. That makes my day.