For years the land at the end of Tuscany Summit Heath has been up for redevelopment. Proposals came and went and so did responses from the various community organizations to the City of Calgary. Much of the initial rezoning/development information was available in 2012. The initial applicant later sold the land to Rockford which is now the one developing the land. The Tuscany Community Association has been responding to these applications for years, providing feedback about access, parking and other resident concerns.

Recent news indicates that construction will start this spring on 85 townhouses in the location developed by Rockford Tuscany. This is the development application at the City of Calgary: Development Permit DP2016-5101

The Tuscany Community Association has been tracking this project for years and has the most public information I could personally find.

These include: Most recent update from the Tuscany Community Association on the Rockford Application Information Package on Proposed Development – old 2012 plan as below.   This is the original Landscape Plan as posted on the TCA website. This was the 2012 plan which included the church. Not the one that is going forward today.

Rockford is calling the project Tuscan Rise.