You are looking for a new home but not sure what the various types are called?

This is the info sheet for you. I have also added examples to help you see them in real time.

Below is a breakdown of the various options here in Calgary and the local terms used. There are others too but this captures the main ones. I hope it helps you narrow down your preferences and understand your options in the local real estate market. Any questions at all just contact me anytime.

Property Types:

Detached: This type of home is a free standing residential building where the exterior walls do not touch the adjoining property. Example:  detached homes in NW Calgary between $400,000-$500,000.

Attached: A home shares at least one common wall with another unit.

Semi-detached: A single dwelling built as one of a pair that share one common wall. These are sometimes called duplexes. These may be villa properties such as in a condo complex of 30-40 units where each is structured as a semi-detached villa. Example: NW Calgary Villa Bungalow (Single Level) Style Properties

Row: A single dwelling attached to each other by a common wall with more than two properties in the complex. These are what most folks consider as typical townhouse properties where most of the units share common walls. The end units only share one wall but they form part of the larger building so all of these units are considered as Row. Example: NW Calgary Townhouses with 3 Bedrooms above Grade.


Apartment: Whether high rise or low rise, apartments are typical buildings with common access and hallways. Example: NW Calgary Apartments between $200,000 and $300,000.

The property types above are the first distinction. The second is building types.

Building Types:

Apartments are rather easy. They are either single level units or multi level units.  

For attached and detached properties, the options are quite varied. Below is a visual from the RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) Measurement guidelines. A visual is the best way to understand some of the options, especially various split level designs. The front door is on the left of these examples.

The one most often singled out is the Bungalow in terms of property searches. Bungalow is the local name for a single level property.   You can have a bungalow in the attached property style such as a Villa Bungalow or a detached bungalow. As we typically have basements in Calgary some people also make a distinction between a bungalow and a walkout bungalow.

Please note that different property types are measured differently so please refer to the RMS Measurement Guidelines for more information if you want to get into the details. Did you know that any property type can be a condo? More on that next time.