The Tuscany Community Association is hosting the 2nd annual Tuscany Race and Chase on Sept 12. Registration is now open.  For more information and registration visit the TCA website and click on the race and chase logo in the top right.

9am – 11am THE RACE
What: Race with your fellow Tuscany residents along our beautiful trails. There are both 5km and 10km hand-timed races for those who love to run. If you’d like to walk with friends, your children and neighbours, there is also a 5km walk.

11am – 4pm THE CHASE
What: Gather a community team of 4 family or friends to compete in  Tuscany’s version of the famous Amazing Race. Participants will move through a variety of stations around Tuscany, testing their athletic, problem solving and mind-based abilities. Participants must be 6 years of age or older.

3pm – 6pm THE BARBECUE

What: Come, hang out and have a great time at our community wrap-up BBQ. There will be lots of food and drinks, along with a variety of fun activities for all (face painting and wall climbing, to name a few).