The City of Calgary has been working on the Main Streets Program which initiates a large number of zoning changes across the city along Calgary’s thriving main streets.

If you are considering a purchase for yourself in these areas or for investment / future redevelopment, this is something you need to review. Some of the areas are at initial review and have undergone some community feedback, data collection and analysis. Even if no change occurs these documents provide more detail into these areas as they currently exist.

Some areas are detailed with specific planning and zoning information already available. An example is Bowness Road and 16 Ave in Montgomery. Another is 17 Ave from Crowchild Trail to 37 St SW. These areas show detailed proposed rezoning maps and future density plans. Other areas are at review stage.

Areas on the list include:
Bowness Road NW in Bowness and Montgomery, 16 Ave NW, Kensington Road NW, 10 St NW, 4 St, NW, Centre St North, Richmond Road SW, 37 St SW, 17 Ave SW, 10 Ave SW, 14 St SW, 33 Ave SW, 4 St SW, 50 Ave SW, Edmonton Tr NE, 1 Ave NW, 32 Ave NE, 36 St NE, 17 Ave SE, 9 Ave SE, Macleod Tr S (North) and Macleod Tr SE. 

Some of this information has been out for some time, but here all the information is together in one place.