As my clients know, I am a strong believer in preparing a home for sale. Below is some great advice from Elysse Bulloch from Simply Stylish Staging about staging for the holidays.

Christmas is fast approaching the weather is cooling off and the snow is falling.  Don’t let Christmas get in the way of selling your home. This time of year tends to bring out the serious buyer and also tends to be a less competitive time of year. Follow these holiday staging tips below.

Choose holiday decor carefully, sellers need to be careful not to overdo it. Christmas trees can take up a lot of space. If you have a smaller home stay away from the tree this year.  Choose a color scheme  that is the same as the rest of the house or pick decorating with a neutral colour scheme, so buyer do not get distracted.  Choose decorations that are a general winter theme rather than religious pieces this way you are still appealing to a wide buying audience.

You need to remember when selling your home less is more. You don’t want your home to feel crowded. By using less, it will make the space seem bigger. Pick a few of your favorite decorations that match your current color scheme or try to stick to neutral colors. Garland and clear glass ornaments work well.

Curb appeal can be tricky in Calgary’s cold snowy winter months. Add a decorative planter to your drive way or front door for a punch of warmth. Also be sure to shovel your sidewalks and turn on interior and exterior lights. Buyers will feel welcomed from the minute they pull up.

Beware that Christmas does not appeal to everybody but the holiday season tends to attract serious buyers that want to be settled in their new place by the beginning of the year.

Thanks Elysse! Merry Christmas.