Yesterday was a very big day at City of Calgary Council chambers.

Officially Council voted 9-6 to take approvals for secondary suites out of council’s hands and make them a discretionary use in R-1, R-C1 AND R-C1L districts cross the city.

There is now a process in the hands of administration rather than Council.

For details on the process, please visit the City of Calgary detailed information.

For all information on building requirements, permits, etc there is now detailed information posted on the City of Calgery website under Home building and Renovations.

Not all properties have the physical requirements to  permit a secondary suite. On top of the details related to permits and design, units must also provide an additional parking stall and private amenity space outdoors for tenants.

Details of design/permit requirements include:

  • Drawings required for permitting
  • Ceiling and Door Height requirements
  • Entry and exit point requirements
  • Bedroom egress windows
  • Acceptable window styles
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Smoke and fire protection
  • Exterior stairways
  • New exterior stairwells and engineering
  • Adding or increasing window size
  • Protection of secondary suite exits
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Code and Safety Requirements for suites built before 2016