I was out and about a week or so ago with some clients showing homes and we got into a conversation about shoes as they searched for a place to sit and tie their shoes after a showing.

They commented on my shoes. My easy to slip on shoes.   We had an in-depth conversation about my shoes. Why? Because they are going to bring easy to put on shoes for our next showing appointment.  

For those sellers listing their homes this winter season I’d ask you to consider shoes when preparing your home for showings.  

– Many people have to tie their winter shoes. Please provide a place to sit if possible.  

– If you ask people to take off their shoes, please keep the heat at a comfortable temperature.  

– Buyers will track snow into your front foyer. Please provide a welcome mat to wipe our shoes and an entrance mat inside.  

– A couple of years ago I almost broke my leg slipping on ice trying to reach a lockbox at the side of a property. It was cold, icy and dark. I wasn’t happy when I hit the ground. Please ensure the lockbox for your property is located in a safe location.  

– Please clear your sidewalks and driveway of snow and ice so potential buyers can safely access your property.  

Thank you for considering your buyers shoes when presenting your home this winter season.