Kitec piping, most often seen for in-floor heating locally here in Calgary, has been the subject of a large class action lawsuit. There is currently $97 Million dollars in funds waiting to be claimed as part of this class action according to CBC News

Piping now comes in many colours, so it is important to check the black text or labels to determine what piping you may have. Kitek is bright orange (not red) for hot water and bright blue for cold water. Look for “Kitec” or “ASTM 1281” printed on the pipes.

As product is now under class action, if is important to understand the impact of this product in your home when it comes time to sell. Since much of it is encased in basement floors, some owners may feel there is a benefit and added value for an in-floor heating system. Instead, it is a liability.

Kitec has come up during a couple inspections in the recent years with both times the plumbing becoming a primary factor in the purchase decision. In both cases the repairs would have resulted in major disruption and that can be a big factor for buyers.

For more information regarding Kitec plumbing please contact your preferred plumbing company. Should you have more information regarding the local impact or mitigation please feel free to comment.