I hope this finds you well as we continue to figure out our new normal. I’ve received a few questions now about the development just west of Tuscany as you exit Tuscany Way NW west to 12 Mile Coulee Road NW so thought I’d put it all down for anyone interested.

Both the current development and the future planning are part of the same land parcel owned by the Damkars family and is part of the Damkars Legacy Project.

The development is not in the City of Calgary, but rather in Rockyview County so if you are looking for specific information then Rockyview County Municipality is the one to turn to.

Currently under construction is the new Center Street Church. The details of the construction progress and approved designs can be found on the Centre Street Church website.  They have been posting monthly construction updates there. The approved plans are also posted on the Rockyview site.

Some folks have also received a pamphlet and information about the second part of the land. There was an original proposal that was approved and a new proposal is currently circulating.  The proposal currently posted on the Rockyview site details the project.

I have not been involved in this project at all so am posting to make it easier for folks to find the information they are searching for. I will update this post as things change. If you have any updates to share please contact me.

Image below used as reference for the site location. Source: Damkars Legacy Project website for the project.