Recently I’ve been receiving more questions about the construction SW of Tuscany which a new community under development now called Rockland Park in the Haskayne Area.  I am excited and curious about this development as it has some great potential for views and a great community vibe. 

Since the crews have been out clearing and preparing the site it’s a lot more obvious that something is happening over there even though the planning has been in the works for a number of years.

Right now the road access is closed and the presentation centre is set to open Fall 2019 for the portion called Rockland Park, so there will be much more information available in a couple of months.

In the meantime, below is the information currently available and links to the various resources such the City of Calgary site and the developer website for the area and this specific development. Should you have more information to add please feel free to contact me anytime.

A note about names. The area of development is part of the Haskayne Area Development Plan.  A portion of that area is now under development called Rockland Park, formerly called Rowan Park. So you will find resources under various names for this area.



Haskayne Area Structure Plan (ASP) – direct download from the City of Calgary

The plan provides an exceptional amount of detail regarding the area and I encourage you to have a look including park space, terrain, mobility, utilities, services, overall plan structure and more.

Rockland Park forms only a part of the Haskayne Plan so you have to go back and forth between the Rockland Park plans to see where they fit together.

City Information on Rockland Park (formerly Rowan Park)

City Information for Rockland Park (when it was still called Rowan Park) – the Community of Rowan Park

City approval for this project occurred in Jan 2019 after years of planning. – Ward 1 Announcement

Rockland Park is expected to be home to approximately 19,000 residents at completion. From what I can tell from the docs, which isn’t easy, is that connections for traffic will be at Bearspaw Dam Rd, Hose Hill Drive (from Tuscany Hill) and Blazer Estates Ridge.    

Developer Information for Rockland Park

Brookfield introduced the development in 2017 – Press Release

Brookfield Residental – Developer Information

Rockland Park – Community Website

The community is expected to develop over a 10 year period.  Highlights:

  • ±465 acres (188 hectares) total gross site area with approximately 80 acres (32 hectares) dedicated to environmental reserve
  • Home to ±8700 residents occupying ±3,100 units
  • Housing diversity comprised of ±1,754 single-family homes and ±1,329 multi-family homes (includes semi-detached)
  • Approximately 85,000 square feet or retail and service amenities for residents to enjoy.

Should you have more information regarding the development to update this post please contact me anytime.  Happy house shopping!