Just recently I finished my requirements to be certified with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Green Designation.  It is the only green real estate professional designation recognized by NAR, the association that represents all Realtors in the USA. I am also working on my certification in Canada with the National Assocation of Green Agents and Brokers (NAGAB).

What does all that mean? Well, it means I have the personal interest to invest in my ongoing education and I have chosen this field as one that really needs to be well understood.

I am finding more clients asking about energy efficiency, safer building materials, design choices and about buying better homes. These questions aren’t asked as ‘green’. They are just folks wanting a better home, lower maintenance cost, more efficient homes, safer materials for their children and a sense that their personal choices make a difference in the global picture. Are green homes better? A lot of folks believe so. It all depends on the conscious choices that are made and if they align with your personal goals.

I also have a personal interest. I have a family myself and also want to make the best choices for us regarding our home, community and contribution.

My question to you is this. Are you a ‘green’ client? Contact me and let me know what you are looking for either in a home or in specific information and I will be happy to find out and share it.