Updated October 7, 2019

This post was originally written in 2017. It was updated October 2018 and again now October 2019 to reflect new links, info and some lack of info.

It seemed a good time to get caught up on some of the major development and transportation projects in NW / West Calgary especially with so much happening around Canada Olympic Park (COP) and the Trans Canada Corridor. This link to the City of Calgary site has a video which shows the various areas and how they relate to each other.  The screenshots here are taken from that video.

This is a longer post than intended but I have so much to share with you!


You may have also noticed signage regarding some of the new communities soon to be starting construction in the area. The stages of development and detailed information vary for each site. As well, the names for some areas on the City of Calgary website differ from the advertised community or project names.

New Development Projects/Communities:

Trinity HillsTrinity Hills / Medicine Hill / Paskapoo Slopes:

The first zone is the area in the SW corner of the Trans Canada and Sarcee Trail interchange between the interchange and COP. This area is called Medicine Hill/East Paskapoo Slopes on the City of Calgary site. The main name from a community perspective seems to be Trinity Hills. This area is currently proposed to include a supermarket, retail and residential properties. This area is broken down into numerous cells with each running through different paths in the development process.

City of Calgary: City Information for East Paskapoo
Developer Information: Trinity Hills

Ripley Site:

Developement of the area right beside Canada Olympic Park to the east. The application is by Winsport which runs Canada Olympic Park.

City of Calgary: City information for the Ripley Site

Parkside / Greenbriar / Greenwich:

GreenbriarThe second zone is the area on the NW corner of the Stoney Trail and Trans Canada interchange between the interchange and Bowfort Road. This area is currently cleared on the west section and looks to be close to start of development. This area is expected to include retail, office and residential properties.
Parkside: There used to be information available for the west portion called Parkside. I can no longer find any updated information. Please let me know if you do.

City of Calgary: Greenbriar Land Use Application
Developer information: Greenwich Calgary – Melcor has now published the master plan and many more details than previously available. There is now a presentation centre on the property.

Loblaws / BVX Corp:

There is a large section of land between the future Ring Road running west to the Shape/ Calgary West Development.  It was called BVX Developments with reference to Loblaws in previous proposals but at this time I can’t find anything about the land. There is not an active DP on the property that I can find.

Shape / Calgary West:

This area is located just south of the Trans Canada on the east side of the community of Crestmont. The developer site notes: “This mixed-use open air regional shopping centre calls for 650,000 square feet of retail, and some 800-1,000 on-site residences.”
Ciyt of Calgary: City Information for Shape
Developer information: Shape Properties’s Calgary West

Crestmont Phase 4:

To be developed by Qualico Communities. Within this space, there will be approximately 516 dwellings ranging from single-detached, semi-detached and townhouses.
City of Calgary: City Information for Crestmont Phase 4 

West View ASP:

West View ASPThe lands west of Crestmont and Valley Ridge are now included in the West View ASP.  This was initiated January 2018 and is west of Crestmont Phase 4.

City of Calgary: West View ASP

Bearspaw in Haskayne:

The Haskayne Area Structure Plan was approved in 2015. This covers the area south of Tuscany, north of the reservoir and west to Rocky View County.
City of Cagary: Haskayne Area Structure Plan – automatic download from the City of Calgary

One large section of Haskayne is now under development by Brookfield. It was called Rowan Park but is now called Rockland Park.
Developer information: Rockland Park
Detailed Blog on my site about Rockland Park

University District:

A unique development located surrounding the Alberta Children’s Hospital and west of the University of Calgary. Numerous residential projects will be developed in this large project. A unique difference in our market is that University District will offer leases on parcels for a 99-year term. The conclusion of this term will either see an extension of the lease or a purchase back at fair market value.
West Campus Development Trust
Developer Information – University District Discovery Centre

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