With inventory levels higher than sales numbers, folks are having to work a little extra hard to sell their homes.  There are active buyers out there and homes are selling (874 in the last 30 days according to the CREB stats today Sept 15, 2010).  Most people aren’t really looking for a show home, but they are looking for a home that has been well cared for and they will take the show home if they can find one.

Buyers have the option to view many homes right now. It takes some marketing to get them into your home and then it takes some work to get them to love it once they are there.

These are some recent comments heard over the last couple weeks (as close to word by word as I can remember).

You can’t change your location, but you can change the presentation. Can you guess which homes didn’t make the shortlist and which did?

  • “This feels like us. I could live here.”
  • “Do they have pets?”
  • “They sure have a lot of stuff.” 5 min later followed by, “Maybe we need to look at something bigger.”
  • “What do you think that will cost to repair?”
  • “What great use of a small space. I wouldn’t have thought to build a desk into that corner.”
  • “Wow, I can see why they are moving. They have really outgrown this house.”
  • “Nice, but nothing special.”
  • “Are there tenants in this home?”
  • “They have kids, a great playroom in the bonus room, room for us in the basement, a great clean kitchen. The whole house is clean and ready to move in. This could work for us.”
  • “Too bad they smoked in the garage. What would it take to get that smell out?”
  • “Great curtains. Do they come with the house?”
  • “This house is really clean. Looks like they took good care of it.”
  • “There is no light in this house.”
  • “The pictures were misleading. They must have cleaned up just for the photos.”
  • “Too much work.. The wallpaper alone.”
  • “Why would someone paint a living room blue?”

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