What a year 2018 has been so far. From weather to politics and social change it has been a year that has felt like things moved so slowly yet changed so fast. In early spring the local market was showing signs of improvement and we were thinking we were slowly walking out of the weeds.

From January to May the benchmark price was moving up, folks were making decisions and the phone was ringing.

But it seems many of those phone calls were for folks to list their homes because as soon as that snow melted finally in May everyone listed.

Folks stopped making decisions. You can’t move to your next home when your current one isn’t selling. The new mortgage rules began to really show their consequence. Buyers got nervous. And then Stampede, the smoke, and buyers decided they better hurry up and go on that last holiday before winter and then the white stuff flew again. See, fast and slow.

That’s the thing with real estate. It’s hard to see the curve until the line has turned. And posted sale prices or no sale prices take time to show up. If you bought a house today with conditions it wouldn’t show sold until you removed those conditions in a week or two’s time.

Now it is October. I personally like October. The kids are back in school. All those forms are filled out. The routine is somewhat together. There is time to slow down and decide if now is the right time to move. Serious buyers have their boots on. My phone has been ringing more. Folks are signing up on my website to view listings. I don’t think they are making super fast, “buy now or it’s gone tomorrow” decisions. But they are starting to make decisions.

What do we need to get things moving? Employment. During the downturn the local economy lost many great jobs. Well paying, full-time jobs. We need these back across sectors. We need the business community to have the certainty to hire new folks, start new ventures, take on new locations.

So what am I watching? Employment numbers. And the number of active folks looking at property in my world. When a family has financial certainty, such as getting past probation at a great new job, they begin to feel steady. A while later they make bigger decisions. It’s slow but fast.

Beyond the numbers, I’m here for you if you need some guidance. I understand it takes time. Let me help you on your journey to buying or selling your home.