Calgary is a winter city. There’s not denying that we get a bit of snow and chilly temperatures in the winter months. When buying a home in August we sometimes forget about the daily challenges that arise when winter arrives.

When purchasing a home one of the things to consider is whether the property is on a snow route.

A snow route is a priority route, most often a bus route also, that is regularly plowed and sometimes requires owners to remove any street side parked cars after a snow storm for snow clearing during a Snow Route Parking Ban.

All residential streets are now plowed and cleared in Calgary so being on a snow route has it’s advantages.  Snow route roads are a priority for plowing and snow removal. Alternatively, it can be pretty tough to get out of some residential areas not on a snow route and down a winding hill in the winter if you don’t have an appropriate vehicle.

To find out everything and anything about snow removal, snow route maps, maps of where the plows and sanders are and a whole lot more, the City of Calgary has everything posted on

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Map Snapshot Feb 7, 2018