Yesterday was a big day in Alberta politics with the swearing in of a new provincial government with a strong mandate. With the words ‘open for business’ on the front of quite a few speaking podium stands we have to think that some change is in store. If your crystal ball is currently working I WOULD LOVE TO BORROW IT.

My personal view is one of cautious optimism. I am hopeful that the federal policies around the new mortgage rules brought in last year will be loosened or removed to allow for the open market to dictate real estate values rather than policy decisions. We have a few months of campaigning and rhetoric on that side of things before the federal elections this fall.

I am hopeful that the current uptick in sales continues and brings stability and growth to our market. We have more sales so far this month than last year and less listings coming on market than the same time. That’s good to see. Now lets keep that trend going.

I am hopeful that the inflow of new residents to the city continues.  

I am hopeful that provincial policy changes do in fact bring more jobs to our city and that successful businesses begin to fill the empty downtown office buildings.  

This is the space in between where risk/reward is a very interesting thing. Call me if you want to chat.

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