The September Calgary real estate numbers continue the trend from last month. A bit of an inventory increase has tempered the earlier uptick in pricing increases. General benchmark trends are down a touch and we are entering October with 1000 more listings than the same time last year.

The recent positive sales numbers and steady couple quarters may have provided folks enough stability in pricing to make plans. Sometimes it once we see past the worst that we hope for the best.

Supply and demand is what drives real estates. Perceptions drive decisions.

And numbers. I know they are boring. That’s why you hire a realtor. Seriously.

For example, many folks right now are looking for homes with less maintenance, newer homes. They don’t want to worry about furnaces, roofs or major updates. So let’s look at newer homes across Calgary.

Detached homes built since 2010 under $500,000:

There are 113 active listings across the city. In the last 30 days 51 have sold. That is 2.2 or just over 2 months of inventory. Kind of a seller’s advantage depending on the community. Surprised?

Detached homes built since 2010 between $500,000 and $600,000:

There are 184 active listings across the city. In the last 30 days 24 have sold. This is 7.6 months of inventory. This is a definite buyer advantage.

Does it depend where you are?

The outskirts are where we find new inventory in this price point. Let’s compare North and South (sorry excluding east for now). So North/Northwest there are 78 active listings in the $500,000- $600,000 category built since 2010. 7 have sold in the last 30 days. Absorption is 11.1 months of inventory. Hmm…

So South/Southeast there are 79 active listings in the $500,000-$600,000 category built since 1010.

13 have sold in the last 30 days. Absorption is 6 months of inventory.

So if you are a seller in this category in the north vs the south you may have to work a bit harder to get your home sold. Very good information to know.

And as a buyer maybe you can ask for the washer/dryer included.

Buyers are very price sensitive right now and it important to understand the distinct variables to know if you are in a buyer’s or seller’s micro market when buying or selling. Who has the advantage in your market?

Calgary rocks. I mean it. Really. Calgary is a sensational place to live. Calgary is a young and vibrant city full of educated, caring, forward-thinking folks.

If you are considering Calgary, stop by for a visit and check things out. I’m happy to help.