With sales numbers showing decline vs this time last year and inventory numbers rising, the buyers market we have seen in recent months continues in the Calgary real estate market.

There are exceptions to this trend specifically for detached homes in the under $500,000 price point. An example is the NW sector of the city where there are currently 85 detached active homes for sale under $500,000. 78 such homes have sold in the last 30 days. With approximately 1 month of inventory this sector is not a buyer’s market and is indicative of a strong market for that price point and area. On the other hand in the NE there are 299 such active homes on market with 108 sales in the last 30 days which is 2.76 months of inventory a more balanced or buyer’s market area.

The NW market for detached homes in general remains strong with strong Listing to New Sales ratios. As such the benchmark pricing in the area has reduced year over year by 1.4% with no change month over month. The City Centre detached market category has decreased 4.55% year over year with a 0.7% adjustment month over month.

The apartment sector is showing a very different market even in the NW with 144 active listings and 27 sales in the last 30 days. With 4.8 months of inventory available buyers have many choices and are in the driver’s seat. If it’s not ‘the right one’, then it won’t sell.

Although we see the overall statistics on the evening news and they are reflective of the overall market, even a look at just detached homes doesn’t give you the full picture regarding your position.

The above numbers are to illustrate my monthly comments that prices and trends vary by property type and area. An apartment in the City Centre currently requires a different marketing strategy to sell or purchase than a $550,000 detached home in Silver Springs or New Brighton to an estate home on the west side. Ensuring you have the right information regarding your potential purchase or sale is critical to ensure you achieve the best results for the best possible price.

If numbers aren’t your thing but you want to make sure you have the best opportunity in our market then give me a call. I’ll deal with the numbers and paperwork so you have everything you need to feel confident you found the right home at the right price.