Hi everyone and Happy 2016! I wish you all the very best and a great full year of happiness, good health and a great adventure or two.

The Alberta government could have used the recent Powerball jackpot to offset revenue loses from our oil and gas industry but I doubt they bought tickets. 🙂

While we are all busy trying to go about our business and have a great 2016, the news is going to make us think it is the end of the world economically. It’s not. I mean, it’s not great, but we will can still have dinner with our family and be content in our warm homes. We will face some challenges, but we are strong willed and as hard working Albertans, we that know the roller coaster goes down and it goes up. We just don’t know how long the ride is.

There are a whole lot of folks out there, first time buyers and investors especially, waiting to time the market for the low and the perfect purchase. But compared to what? We have such short memories. That’s going to be rather hard to predict, but when the bell goes they will all flock. In the meantime, it’s time to get connected to a great realtor to help you sell your home or find the right one. Selling is about timing, strategy, pricing and presentation. It takes some hustle to get things going and knowledge about your home and market segment.

While some folks are waiting for the perfect time, life goes on. Folks get married, have kids, kids move away, the snow gets annoying in the long driveway, maybe you won the lottery, may you want to downsize, or you might need a home office. Whatever the case may be, you still need a home. Give me a call and I will do my very best to help you achieve your goals and keep you well informed as we ride out an overly interesting start to the year.

You can reach me directly at 403 850 2446 or contact me.