Calgary is an amazing city, a young city and it has so much to offer.  The City of Calgary is ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, one of the world’s cleanest cities and also one of Canada’s wealthiest cities. Sounds like a great combo to me. It would be my pleasure to help you find your new home!

Moving to Calgary

You made the decision to move to Calgary! Congratulations! You are going to love living here. It would be my pleasure to help you figure out the best neighbourhood for your family, answer your questions and help you find your new home. Just contact me to get started.

Calgary Information and Resources

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with a population which is now well over 1.2 million residents.   The City of Calgary website offers a host of detailed information about all things City from community profiles to parks and transportation options.

Calgary Communities and Neighbourhoods

Calgary is a relatively young city with a lot of newer construction options. The City of Calgary grew from the core outwards so older homes tend to be closest to downtown and newer homes on the outskirts. The city is generally split into 4 quadrants, but Calgary real estate and the MLS system is organized based on 8 zones (City Centre, East, North, North East, North West, South, South East and West) and further divided into neighbourhoods. Many neighbourhoods have their own community associations with local programs, services and events. The City of Calgary provides detailed census data and community profiles. You can start your real estate search by neighbourhood to get a sense of options and pricing.

Buy vs Rent

Rental properties are mostly managed directly by owners and property management companies in Calgary. It is still rare for a Realtor to assist with a rental. Local rentals can be found on numerous websites including To purchase a property I would highly suggest choosing a Realtor to assist you.


The City of Calgary is the sunniest City in Canada and one of the sunniest in North America. The sunshine is one of the things I most enjoy about Calgary.

The summer weather in Calgary is awesome. It is warm and sunny most of the time allowing everyone to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. Summer sports abound along with outdoor adventures including surfing on the Bow River. One of my summer favourites is the Luge Track at Canada Olympic Park.  (Check out Youtube for some great videos of the Luge run.)

Calgary is also a winter city. Yes, we have to talk about that. If you are unaccustomed to colder weather than it may be worth looking for a home with underground parking for condos or a garage. If you work downtown check out the +15 system. The +15 allows folks to wander around most of downtown without ever going outdoors. You won’t even notice it is cold outside. Or just wait for a chinook and the temperatures will shift back up in just a day.

Schools and Education

When I first looked into the school system as my own children grew up I was totally overwhelmed. When I grew up there was one school and we all went there. It was rather easy. Calgary has many options so there is this plethora of choice. Sometimes choice is good. The two main systems are the Calgary School Board of Education (CBE) and the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD). Within each of these there are numerous alternative programs. Calgary also offers numerous Charter Schools and Private School Options. Capacity issues are an issue in some areas so if your plans center around schools, do this research first.

In terms of higher education, The University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and the Alberta College of Art and Design all offer amazing opportunities in Calgary.


Depending on your mode of transportation, Calgary has a way to get you there.

Car: The transporation network is strong in Calgary especially with the ongoing work to complete the Ring Road. Whether to the city of the mountains, the city infrastructive continues to grow.

LRT/Transit: The City of Calgary C-Train services much of the city with more expansion plans underway. A robust transit system is available to get you to your destination.

Bike/Walking: The pathway system around Calgary is quite impressive. You may be surprised to see folks biking even in the middle of winter.


Calgary is a vibrant city with entertainment options across the map from family fun to evening entertainment or a sports night out. Calgary is also an outdoor city with a strong sports component partially as a legacy of the Olympic Games. There is never of shortage of something to do and whether you enjoy watching the Flames, checking out Stampede, figuring out Beakerheads or finding a great new restaurant to try. Have a peek at Avenue Magazine to get some ideas.


If you ski, hike, bike, golf, play soccer, hockey, lacrosse, run, skate, swim, dance, run track or anything in between, you will find it here. With a tradition of winter sport you may find some famous sports names at our local venues. Check out the half pipe at COP on the right day and you are in for a surprise.


Calgary is a young city but a rich tradition and sometimes folks just see the Stampede pictures and think we are rather cowboy like. We are, during Stampede that is. 🙂

The rest of the time Calgary is a metropolitan city with a sense of community. Calgary is a city built by hard-working, positive-minded entrepreneurs. It’s a place where there is a ‘White Hat’ tradition, friendly people and a strong community spirit. Calgary is a multi cultural city that is home to folks form all over the world. It makes for fun dinner conversation so get out there and meet some great people.

Calgary Geography

Calgary is located at the transition zone between the Canadian Rockies foothills and the Canadian Prairies, and is relatively hilly as a result in some areas. Calgary’s elevation is approximately 1,048 meters (3,440 ft) above sea level downtown. The city proper covers a land area of 726.5 km2 (as of 2006). Some areas of the City showcase stunning mountain views.

The city is large in physical area, consisting of an inner city surrounded by various communities of decreasing density. Unlike most cities with a sizable metropolitan area, most of Calgary’s suburbs are incorporated into the city proper with the notable exceptions of Airdrie to the north, Cochrane to the northwest, Strathmore to the east, Springbank to the east and Okotoks a bit further south.

The topography of Calgary is really varied so some communities see a whole different weather pattern than others. This is important to consider if you are looking at property at or near the flood zone.