Today is June 16, 2014. It is days away from the 1 year anniversary of the June 21, 2013 floods which messed with the lives and homes of very many people in our awesome city.

It is starting to rain again, but even without the actual physical reminder, many people are feeling the stress of those days all over again. Yes, some folks are actively concerned with more flooding, but the realization that so much or so little has changed in 1 year can be hard too.

Some brave faces might not be showing the nervousness they feel as the day approaches. Rebuilding can take a long time and it’s pretty hard to recover even with the help of 30 volunteers clearing out all of your belongings covered in mud and left in a heap for a dump truck to haul away.

So this is the week that we all remind ourselves that it might be a good time to show some Calgary spirit. Say hi to your neighbour and ask them how they are doing, buy a friend a coffee or maybe just ring them to say hi. Pay it forward in small ways or big ways.

One of the absolute best things you can do is support the businesses and people that were affected by the flood to help them get back. Go for dinner in Mission, go visit High River or Canmore and check out the shops or find ways to buy local and support local.

All the best.