You staged your home for the listing photos, you cleaned places you never noticed before and you set out pillows, accessories and flowers to welcome buyers to your home.

Everything is perfect.

Then everyone comes home from school, work and sports events and stuff appears as if by magic in every room.

Preparing for showings can sometimes cause folks angst as it is hard to keep everything ‘perfect’ all the time. How we show our homes isn’t often how we live day to day especially if we have children and pets.

1. Prepack some unneeded items and ensure you have one spot in each room to put all that random stuff that shows up.

  • Living room: Keep an empty ottoman or empty couple drawers in the living room. On non-showing days keep all the showing accessories in there. On showing days, put everything that’s been left out in the living room in the ottoman. You’ll find the remote that way when you get home. 
  • Children’s room – toy trunk or storage bin under the bed
  • Bathroom – storage bin under the sink or in the hall closet
  • Kitchen – storage box in the pantry
  • Office – keep all your personal papers locked away. 
  • Bedroom – empty drawer for laundry

2. Prepare a showing tidy kit for yourself in a carry container. Cleaning wipes, stainless steel wipes, duster, etc. for last minute cleaning as you walkthrough your home.

3. Keep an extra bag for baby items, toys, food, water or whatever you may need in the car just in case. That way you have an extra whatever-you-need on those days where timing doesn’t go in your favour.

4. Have a plan of a few places to go during showings and options for folks to watch your pets.

5. Determine your showing cut off times and communicate them to your Realtor. It is very common for homes with children to end showings at a specific time like 7 or 8pm. That way you maintain your normal evening bed routines no matter the days events.

Short term staging and cleaning and you will soon be on your way to your new home. All the best!