The top 10 reasons I love Tuscany (in random order).


The kids can walk to elementary and middle school and there are more bikes on the school bike racks than any other community that I’ve seen.

Easy access to the mountains, the airport, shopping, downtown or wherever we need to go.

The local moose and deer.

The kids can go skating or play at the splash park, tennis courts and playground any day at the Tuscany Club. Add all of the playgrounds and play parks, sledding hills, green space and soccer fields to the mix and Tuscany offers some great places to play.

Christmas lights. The Tuscany Club and Candy Cane Lane get special mention, but the lights are up across the community and I just love it.

The pathways. Love, love, love the kilometers of pathway.

The coulee. We have our own coulee. Who else has their own coulee?

Tuscany has 4 schools, 1 firehall, 2 retail spaces and a lot of greenspace.

Our local shops and businesses are awesome to have right in the community.

Our neighbours. It is pretty special to live in an area where block parties abound, folks know their neighbours and build a community. We have lived in 3 houses in Tuscany now and had great folks around us every time.


If you have fallen in love with Tuscany as well, give me a call and I’ll help you find your new home.