What to expect working with a Buyer's Realtor

Every Realtor works differently so the way I work may not be how other folks work.  Sellers interview Realtors. Why shouldn't buyers? Feel free to ask any questions you wish. This is a big purchase. You need the right person by your side.
When beginning to look for a home, folks take one of two approaches:
The majority of people choose a Realtor to work with and have that Realtor represent them throughout their property search and purchase. A Buyer's Realtor prepares a buyer for the purchase process, connects to financing and other resources, reviews properties, sets up showings for all properties, negotiates an offer and works in the interest of the buyers throughout the purchase. A buyer's Realtor doesn't have an interest in the properties you are pursuing so their interest is in helping you find the best property for you.
Some seek to contact the Listing Realtor for each home of interest, set up their own appointments and work directly with the Seller's Realtor in purchasing a property. 
I work with many buyers as a Buyer's Realtor. My buyers have the confidence that I am working soley in their interest and I have their committment as a client. If I know something about a property or can provide information to help find the information you need, then it is my purpose to ensure you have all of the information.  As a buyer it is important for your confidentiality to be maintained. You only need to share your requirements with one person so that your situation, such as a deadline for moving, specific home needs or financial status aren't shared with the seller during negotiations. (Recent blog post: What does working with a Realtor look like?)
If you are not yet ready to purchase I am happy to provide you market information or property information, and direct you to resources, open house information and anything you may need as you get ready. When you decide it is time to purchase a home, then we can move to the next step and start viewing specific properties. As of July 2014 it becomes mandatory for buyers to sign a buyers brokerage document with their Realtor setting expectations of representation.