Buying a Home in Calgary

As you prepare to purchase a new home, it is important to work with a Realtor that you trust and who you feel best represents your needs and interests.  Give me a call and I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, explain the process and help you find your new home.

What can you afford?  What do you want to afford?

You can review calculators found online such as the Mortgage Affordability Calculator on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Site (CMHC) and a bank calculator such as the TD Canada Trust Mortgage Calculator. Those are a great first step.
Next, consult the advice of a mortgage broker or bank officer to get a pre-approval. You can contact my mortgage specialists directly to apply for a pre-approval and get the information you need to have the confidence to write an offer on your new home.

What can you expect in the purchase process?

Review my step by step Buyer's Guide to answer your questions about everything you need to know about buying a home in Calgary. From Understanding Your Needs and Wants, Market Conditions, Financing, Working with a Realtor, Viewing Properties, Writing an Offer to Purchase, Conditions, RPRs, Possession Day all the way through to a detailed Moving Checklist and Glossary of Terms.
Blog posts regarding some unique circumstances:

Where do you want to live?

The location of your home is a major factor. I'm sure you've heard that the three most important factors in the cost of real estate are 'location, location and location'.
Learn more about Calgary and Calgary Transportation.
Check out listings for sale in various Calgary neighbourhoods.

What will I do you for you during your purchase?

As a professional Calgary realtor, my approach to helping my clients buy a home is to provide them with the information and guidance they need in order to make the best decisions.  I do not work as part of a team, so when you work with me you work with me. I work with a smaller number of clients at a time and I provide those folks with exceptional personal service. Where outside expert advice is required I will help you find the experts you are comfortable working with.

I will help you determine which properties to view, arrange for showings, provide market data for homes of interest, represent your interests, negotiate on your behalf, work with you to finalize financing, home inspectors, condo document reviews, etc.; identify legal documents required from the seller; provide you with information regarding the RPR and Title, ask the right questions on your behalf; help solve any problems along the way; and work with all the professionals involved to ensure your home can close on the day required so you and your moving truck can access your home on the day expected.
Give me a call and we can speak about your needs and see if I am the right Realtor for you.  Your Realtor has to have the right combination of expertise and professionalism and be someone you can work with to best represent you.
Good luck on your search! I look forward to hearing from you.