Major construction has been underway for some time at the intersection of Stoney Trail NW and Crowchild Trail.  If you are wondering what the final plan looks like, all planned drawings are available at the Government of Canada Transportation site for the project.
There has been a great deal of construction in and around the area lately including the construction of a pedestrian bridge between Royal Oak and Arbour Lake across Stoney Trail NW as well as the opening of the interchange which connects Scenic Acres Link and Tuscany Boulevard to Stoney Trail NW.
While the construction may at times cause a delay, it is great to see investment into the infrustructure around our community.
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Kindergarten registration is coming up quickly for many schools.
Registration for Tuscany School begins Jan 11th and 12th from  9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00pm to 2:00pm for Sept 2010 enrollment. Registration will be ongoing from January 13th. For detailed information about registration requirements visit the Tuscany School Website.
Registration for St Basils is ongoing however due to demand there is a priority schedule that determines admissions.  Please review the March 31, 2009 student accomodation decision letter or visit St Basil's school site for more information.
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