Analyzing your Needs and Wants - 10 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE you buy

A home is about more than the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. It is about how you feel when you are home, how a home flows and how it suits your day to day needs.  And primarily, it is about the location, whether that means in a specific community or its orientation on a lot with a desired attribute such as a quiet street or backing onto greenspace.
1. What makes you comfortable in your current home? Is there anything you'd like to duplicate with your new home?
2. What is your primary reason for searching for a new home?
3. Do you have children? Do they have any specific needs or interests that will guide your purchase?
4. Do you entertain? Are there specific features a home requires to suit your needs?

5. How long do you expect to reside in your new home?
6. Do you work from home?
7. Do you have a style preference?
8. What are your transportation needs including transit, walkability, and road access?
9. Are there any physical constraints that we need to consider such as minimizing stairs?
10. How much time and effort do you want to invest in updates or renovations?

Some folks want a home that requires some TLC (tender loving care) while others absolutely do not. Be honest with yourself about how much time and money you are willing to invest and then let your me know so that I can show you only appropriate properties.
It is easy to be swayed by beautiful finishings and a gorgeous kitchen, but keeping in mind your needs and wants will ensure you find a home that suits you for many years to come.